Why Choose Us

The fourth generation technologies require seasoned professionals and exposure to digital age technologies with AI. Instead of bringing every one under one company, IIHAA invested in group of companies whose core activities are continued in the respective companies. So under IIHAA umbrella two more companies are integrated with clear cut understanding on legal and data security as well other security concerns with documentation.

IIHAA also invested in the companies and made sure that the integrity and common goals are well supported.

  • CADIM Solutions
  • Fabtech Engineers


An Organization’s strength is determined by its people and their experience in the related areas. The organisation is lead by globally seasoned technocrat who was involved in creating world class companies with another seasoned marketing professional with financial back ground.

The lead team is young and well experienced with good exposure to technical skills with sound qualification. The team is allowed to independently handle and professional environment makes them to harness the skills continuously.

In short it is imperative to keep two separate streams of people and related resources one on digital age and other on engineering. While coming to trade off between keeping the two streams of people under one umbrella or form a consortium of companies having the required resource, iihaa chose the second one of having consortium of companies.

The risks associated with the consortium of companies like legal, data security, single point customer responsibility, multi culture, long term service and basic authority is well mitigated primarily by cross-funding of management, well defined structure for customer relationship, responsibility and well defined process between the consortium companies.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.