About Our Industry

The company is headed by a seasoned technocrat and a seasoned financial expert who has built marketing skills as his hobby. The technocrat basically from engineering background as qualification has three decades of experience in industrial arena and has foot prints across globe. The financial expert basically a chartered accountant by qualification has three and half decades of experience and has proved himself in marketing. The company has set eye on fourth industrial revolution technologies and primarily utilise digital and AI landscapes. The company also would integrate bio in the future as physical and digital are well under vicinity of the company and exercising these two involves bio and hence pick up the third eye on the go.

Every one in the world now agree that it is always going to be dedicated team effort to evolve technologies of todays nature. It is also irrational to thing that each one would cover the entire set of required skills to master the fusion of the technologies that pay way for the fourth technological revolution. One more complexity of the human mind is to stick to the point that the whatever known is the best of the worlds and try to develop the same line as the solutions can be obtained on many ways. The HR jargon of specialisation in particular area is slowly taking back step as fast and random technological advancement in recent years calls for fusion minds which could hold fuse the best in each area and provide common solution.

IIHAA has set eye on delivering the solutions for the industries based on engineering and digital streams. So most of the areas where the companies would like to apply itself falls under engineering. It is imperative to have the engineering skills as iihaa builds the solutions that could really be applicable to industries. The question of keeping the entire skill set of people under one umbrella raised due to various reasons as listed below

  • The culture and behaviour of each stream varies heavily where in the fusion of two stream of human minds almost impossible
  • The fusion on technologies can happen separately and required basic elements can be developed separately
  • The core strength have to be maintained as the advancements in applicable area also adds to the value of the solution

In short it is imperative to keep two separate streams of people and related resources one on digital age and other on engineering. While coming to trade off between keeping the two streams of people under one umbrella or form a consortium of companies having the required resource, iihaa chose the second one of having consortium of companies.

The risks associated with the consortium of companies like legal, data security, single point customer responsibility, multi culture, long term service and basic authority is well mitigated primarily by cross-funding of management, well defined structure for customer relationship, responsibility and well defined process between the consortium companies.

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Our Mission

To use digital age technologies to advantage of every one in the business stream and industry for betterment combined with ease of use wherever possible.

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Our Vision

To attain a position where the company is globally respected for technology, value system and human values.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.